Medical Marijuana Marketing Services offers 4 primary services to accomplish our 2 main objectives.

#1 . Patient Acquisition – The art & science of getting more patients buying from you.

  • Social Media Marketing Your patients are using social media – to communicate with friends & family, and to search for businesses like your own. You need to meet them where they already are.
  • Search Engine MarketingYellow pages, directory listings, and magazine advertising are all practically dead. At least 80% of purchases begin with a search … and if you aren’t getting found there, you are probably not getting found by most patients at all.


#2 . Patient Retention – The daily grind of keeping patients actively buying from you …

  • Email Marketing There is no medium more cost effective, more universal, more instantaneous, or more potentially intimate than email. The very fact that you are reading this message now proves it. If you want to get a free email marketing lesson, keep checking your inbox, because this is not the only one you’re going to receive from me.
  • Mobile Marketing Your patients carry their phone with them everywhere they go. They use it to keep in touch with friends & family, to order delivery, and to schedule a hot date. If you are not also appearing, regularly & consistently, via this all important medium … you are seriously ignoring your patients & their communication preferences.

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